What addons are available under an Ultimate deal?

What addons are available under an Ultimate deal?

Mobile App - We will create a standalone mobile app for your business to make mobile orders even easier, on both iOS and Android devices.

Chef Screen - Set up an integrated order screen in the kitchen, to make workflow more efficient and save on printing costs.

Digital Menu Board - Display your menu digitally or use images and videos to get customers' attention. There’s no need to make menu updates manually or pay for reprints.

Extra Hardware - Need hardware? We can supply you with all sorts, from APOS to extra printers, both new and refurbished. We will work on your budget to find the perfect solution.

Flyer or SMS Bundle - We will supply you with SMS credit or A6 flyers to help you get messages about your takeaway right into the customers’ hands.

Add Campaign - Our Marketing Team will work with you to create a customised campaign to help you generate even more online orders.

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    • Can I subscribe to Addons on the essentials package?

      No, you will not be able to subscribe for add ons on the essentials package.  You will have to upgrade to the ultimate package to subscribe for addons
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      The setup fee for the mobile app will be £150 if you have chosen the Ultimate Package. There will also be a weekly rent of £5.
    • What does the Ultimate package include?

      Online Order Website: You can take online orders with your very own website built for your business. Foodhub uses the latest technology to build a professional, mobile-friendly and responsive design to get your restaurant taking online orders quickly ...