What do you need to pay, if you choose to downgrade from Ultimate to Essentials?

There are no charges to downgrade the package however you will not be able to access the same set of features which you enjoyed in the ultimate package

How do I downgrade the package from Ultimate to Essentials?

Please call the customer service no - 01782444282, to place a request to downgrade your package.

How do I enable add-ons on the ultimate package?

You can enable add-ons via the my takeaway app or send us an email from your registered email id to updates@foodhub.com with the feature / service that you would like to enjoy

What are the charges incurred if I am on the Ultimate Package?

You are required to pay weekly rentals to foodhub & datman. You will also be charged a transaction fee of 3.4% + 20p by DATMAN for every successful online card payment.

What is my trial period for the ultimate plan?

There is a trial period of upto 8 weeks to experience all premier features and services.

Will I be eligible for a refund if I cancel my service on the ultimate package?

No, you will not be eligible for a refund when you cancel your service irrespective of the free period or post free period.

Is there any limit for making any menu changes on the website if I am on the ultimate plan?

No, There is no limit on the number of changes that you would like to make to the menu. You can make changes via My takeaway app or contact our customer service number on 01782 444 282.

I am on an Ultimate package and I need to speak to someone as I am not receiving any orders?

Please contact our customer service number on 01782 444 282 who can help you with ideas to run various promotional & marketing campaigns to help improve your online orders.

I am on an ultimate plan. Would I be able to order merchandise?

Yes, you can order merchandise by visiting our website shop.foodhub.com or shop.touch2success.com . Alternatively you can also email us at updates@foodhub.com with your order details.

What is the cost involved to purchase a mobile app, If I am on the ultimate package?

The setup fee for the mobile app will be £150 and a weekly rent of £5

What does the Ultimate package include?

Online Order Website:You can take online orders with your very own website built for your business. Foodhub uses the latest technology to build a professional, mobile friendly and responsive design to get your restaurant taking online orders quickly and efficiently.

Unlimited Orders at Zero commission There’s no cap on how much you can trade – and because there’s no commission you’ll save thousands compared to our competitors.

Integrated Merchant Service Your new ordering system will be fully integrated with our payment gateway, so you can start taking online payments seamlessly. If you don't have a card machine and you want to take payments you can still do so with our Pay by Link Technology. 3rd Party Merchant Service Fees do apply.

MyTakeaway App You’ll be able to manage everything from your orders, drivers, menu changes and more - all from the palm of your hand with Our Restaurant Management App. 

Google My Business Optimisation We’ll make sure customers can find you easily with some simple SEO tips and manage your Google My Business Set up – so you appear high up in search rankings when customers search for local takeaways.

Online Chat Support We’re here whenever you need us with online chat support and detailed FAQs. Just submit your question or issue any time and you’ll get a response from our team.

Foodhub Marketplace Listing Your restaurant will be automatically listed on the Foodhub Online Marketplace to make it even easier for local customers to find you.

Additional Language Support Your site can be set up in English, Spanish or Mandarin.

Unlimited Staff Accounts You can give access to everyone in your team for a fully integrated approach, so orders can be managed by anyone and backlogs can be avoided.

Postcode Search We can save you time and help reduce errors by allowing you to autofill customer’s addresses - all you need is their postcode and door number.

Integrated Delivery System Our delivery management app, Drive2Success, helps you assign food deliveries instantly. You can track the delivery right from your kitchen floor to the customers' doorstep in real-time and also allows you to manage your drivers' charges and takings. 

Caller ID This will safely store your customer’s number along with their address and

recent order details, so you don’t have to keep asking them every time and makes reordering super easy.

Recommendation Engine By analysing your customers’ buying habits we can make tailored recommendations for add-ons and complementary items they’ll like, increasing order value and giving a more personal experience.

Loyalty Program Instantly set up a loyalty program to inspire regular orders from your best customers.

Premium Website Design We’ll design a Premium mobile friendly, responsive website for you based on more advanced templates. Our designers will create a page that suits your brand, logo, colour and cuisine and ensure you have a professional online store front for your customers.

Marketing Tools Send Emails and SMS to your customer database if they haven’t ordered in a while or include special promotions with unique Coupon Codes.  You will receive 1000 SMS as part of this package (with subsequent ones charged per SMS sent)

Multi-Location Support If you have more than one restaurant we can help you manage them all from the one app. 

24/7 Dedicated Customer Service Our industry leading customer service team will be there whenever you need them, 24 hours a day.

Dine-in Functionality Being flexible when people eat in can be tricky, but we can help you create tables, merge tables, and merge or split bills, as well as allowing customers to order and pay at their table. This feature also allows your customers to make table reservations which you will receive as a notification in your MyTakeaway app.

Customer Success Manager One of our team of experts will be in touch to train and give you tips on how to maximise your orders and set up sms and email campaigns to help you generate orders on an ongoing basis.

Facebook Ordering Got thousands of Facebook followers? We’ll help you integrate your menu with your Facebook page.

What addons are available under an Ultimate deal?

Mobile App We’ll create a standalone mobile app for your business to make mobile orders even easier, on both iOS and Android devices.

Chef Screen Set up an integrated order screen in the kitchen, to make workflow more efficient and save on printing costs.

Digital Menu Board Display your menu digitally or use images and videos to get customers attention. There’s no need to make menu updates manually or pay for reprints.

Extra Hardware: Need hardware? We can supply you with all sorts, from APOS to extra printers, both new and refurbished. We’ll work to your budget to find the perfect solution.

Flyer or SMS Bundle We’ll supply you with SMS credit or A6 flyers to help you get messages about your takeaway right into customers’ hands.

Ad Campaign Our Marketing Team will work with you to create a customised campaign to help you generate even more online orders.