Ultimate & Essential Questionnaire

Ultimate & Essential Questionnaire

Why can I not use a different merchant service?

Datman is the payment merchant service tied with Foodhub. It is mandatory to have Datman signed up as FoodHub doesn't support any other payment merchant services.

How much is the transaction fee charged by Datman?

Datman charges 3.4% + 20p transaction fee on every order

Will my takeaway show up on the Big Foodie website?

Yes, upon request your takeaway can be listed on the bigfoodie portal

How can I make changes to the business opening / closing hours?

You will be able to change the opening and closing hours using My takeaway App. Tap the extras icon (3 horizontal lines) ->Settings ->Business Hours. Alternatively, write to us at "updates@foodhub.com" to make the required changes.

I want to configure my delivery postcodes & charges?

You will be able to configure the delivery postcodes & charges using My takeaway App. Tap the extras icon (3 horizontal lines) ->Settings ->Delivery configuration. Alternatively, write to us at "updates@foodhub.com" to make the required changes

What is the cost of the SMS package & how many SMS will I get in the bundle?

The package will cost you £20 for 1000 SMS (only for Ultimate clients)

What is the process to withdraw funds from DATMAN?

Step 1: To withdraw funds from your Datman Account, Please login to your Datman Account www.datmancrm.com

Step 2: Once you are logged in you will see the Datman dashboard

Step 3: Enter the amount (without any special characters) and click on the ‘Withdraw’ button on the right side

Step 4: You will then be asked to confirm the Withdrawal, press the confirm button to complete the withdrawal.

Note: Any withdrawal request raised from Monday - Sunday will be credited on the following Tuesday. (Between 3-5 PM)

How to check Withdrawal Status on the Datman Portal?

To Check Withdrawal Status from Datman Portal

*Open the Datman Portal  - www.datmancrm.com

*Menu option on the top left corner (Small 3 Lines)

*Select Payments and then click on PAYOUTS to check the Withdrawal Status

How do I Request my Datman Statement?

If you need a Datman statement you can contact datman at info@datman.je

NOTE : If you need Datman Statement you can submit your request using the following Link (https://forms.zohopublic.in/mypay/form/RequestDatmanStatement/formperma/tmg9sXrGJzvfFFqkmMC_lKhcbTKfryhGWhYnvZDFF3o) and you will receive the statement in 24 to 48 Business hours

How much are the charges for transactions that are taken through the PDQ, and how much does it cost to get the PDQ?

The PDQ charges depend on the volume of the transactions being processed on a monthly basis.

To get more details on the different pricing structures kindly email Datman at info@datman.je

How long does it take to receive the PDQ Machine once I've submitted all the required documents?

It takes 2 to 5 business days to receive your PDQ machine once all the documents are provided.

Who do I contact when I have a question regarding the PDQ?

For all technical enquiries kindly contact your hardware provider.

For any other questions kindly email Datman at info@datman.je

Where can I see the payments that I took through my PDQ machine?

For your wired terminal, you will be able to see all your transactions on your Datman account under PDQ Transactions.

For your wireless/mobile terminal kindly contact Datman at info@datman.je to obtain your login details as they are shown on a different portal.

When will I receive funds from the PDQ transactions?

Transactions from each working day will be batched together and sent directly to the bank details you provided while signing up within 3-5 working days.

Is there a setup fee to start using the PDQ?

The setup fee depends on the equipment type and the agreement during the sale.

Is the money from the PDQ deposited into the same bank account that is on the Datman CRM?

Not necessarily - the funds from your PDQ transactions will be sent directly to the bank details you provided while completing PDQ registration..

Who is activating PDQ's for clients?

You will need to contact your hardware provider for activation.

How are bank details associated with PDQ updated?

You will need to send us an email to pdq@datman.je with the new bank details along with a copy of the bank statement that he wishes to update to details to. However, the bank statement needs to be within the last 3 month and it must be a full picture and must  be under his name or the business.

Once Datman receives the bank statement, a form will be sent, this is to be signed and returned to us/Datman at…..? will send a form to the client to be signed and returned to us.

How are PDQ transactions shown on the statement?

It shows the amount with the letters FDMS

How do I update my business name, email address and contact number?

You will be able to update your business details on your Datman account by yourself.

Login to your Datman account.

Step 1: Once you see the homepage you will see 3 small dashes on your left when you click on the icon you will find Settings.


Step 2: Once you click on Settings, you will see various options. Please click on ‘Update account details’








Step 3: Under Update Account details you will find business details, Owner details and Bank details

Step 4: You can update any information on this page and click Update.

Note: For further assistance do not hesitate to contact us at our Customer Care phone number – 03330 165 548 or email us at info@datman.je





What is the process to change ownership with DATMAN?

If you have sold your business and a new owner has taken over, they will need to create a new Datman Account.

Please follow the below steps to avoid any complications

  1. Please withdraw all the funds from your Datman account.

  2. Contact FoodHub (01782444282) to make sure that their records have been updated.

  3. Do not share your login details with anyone under any circumstances, as your account contains sensitive information.

  4. We will assist the new owner with creating a New Datman account and they will be able to continue trading without any interruption or down time.

NOTE -  (If you are a new owner)

* Once your information is updated with FoodHub you’ll be sent a registration link to create a new Datman account under your name, to do this contact FoodHub (01782 444 282) where they will help you in creating a new account


How can I update the bank details on my Datman account?

Please follow the below steps to Update your Bank Details.

Step 1: Login to your Datman account at www.datmancrm.com with your browser, using your mobile device or computer. After logging in, in the top left corner of the screen you will see a menu icon (3 horizontal lines) 

Step 2: Click on the icon to open the menu

You will enjoy a trial period of upto 8 weeks which will allow you to experience all premier features and value added services in the Ultimate package. You will enjoy a trial period of upto 8 weeks which will allow you to experience all premier features and value added services in the Ultimate package. You will enjoy a trial period of upto 8 weeks which will allow you to experience all premier features and value added services in the Ultimate package. 









Step 3: Select ‘settings’ from the pop up menu

Step 4: Choose ‘update bank details’








Step 5: the current sort code and account number associated with your account, followed by your new account number and sort code. You will need to enter the new details twice, to ensure the details are matching and correct.

Step 6: You will be asked to upload a copy of your bank statement or welcome letter from the bank or a copy of your cheque book. For this action, you can either use the camera on your mobile device or access the photos on your device. (Mobile/Computer screenshots are not accepted)

Step 7: When completed, simply upload your request and we will review it and get back to you within 24 Hours.

Note: For Limited companies the bank details must be under the Company Name

How do I complete the registration for my Datman account?

Creating a new Datman account is easy, you can just follow the procedure mentioned below.

You will have received a registration link from FoodHub to your registered contact number.

Click on the link, once the link opens you will be on the page shown below.

Step 1: Enter your registered contact number and click on ‘Submit’

Step 2: Enter the required information and create a password for your Datman account




Step 3: Under ‘create new merchant’ - Enter your takeaway name and choose your country

Step 4: An email will be sent to verify your email address. An email will be sent to verify your email address. Follow the steps to verify your email address, then lick on ‘Onboard Merchant’

Step 5: Enter the Required information and click ‘Next’

Step 6: Enter the contact number and email address and click on ‘Next’

Step 7:  Enter your trading address and bank details and click on ‘Next’



Step 8: Enter the Owners details and click on ‘Next’

Step 9: Enter your Personal address and click on ‘Next’




Step 10: Please upload the requested documents (Passport/ driving license, bank statement and utility bill)

Step 11: On the ‘Set up summary’ click on Submit

Note: Once the application is submitted It usually takes 24-48 hrs for your application to be reviewed by our Customer Support Representative

I am unable to Login to my Datman account / forgot my Password?

Follow the below easy steps to reset your password from Datman Portal.

*Open the Datman portal  - www.datmancrm.com 

Step 1: Enter Email address and click on Reset Password

Step 2: Enter the email address once again and click on ‘Send Verification Code’



Step 3: Enter the Verification code and create New Password and Confirm New Password

Step 4: Enter your email address and use the Password you just created





Why is it mandatory to complete account verification with DATMAN? 

Datman Account Verification Is mandatory because DATMAN is a financial organization. As per Anti-Money laundering regulations, Datman is required to run KYB and KYC checks on all clients. This means proof of the contract holder’s IDs and his business and banking details are a necessity. 

You are required to upload your KYB and KYC documents in order to withdraw the funds. The documents are then verified by Datman’s quality team. If the documents are not correct, an automated email is sent to you with the exact requirements for your? respective businesses

What are the Required Documents to be submitted for different types of business? 

Please note that the required documents need to be uploaded to the online Datman account. 

To upload the documents, you will  have to log in to your Datman account at 

portal.datmancrm.com. If you see the below alert on your account then you have to upload the required documents to their profiles.

NOTE : (Screenshots from a mobile phone or a computer are not accepted, Only a complete picture  of the Document is accepted) 

For Limited Companies 

1. Valid Passport/Driving License 

2. Business Bank Document - Bank Statement/void cheque or welcome letter from the Bank (The bank account  account has to be under the Ltd company’s name) no more than 3 months old.

For Sole Traders 

1. Valid Passport/Driving License 

2. Business Bank Document - Bank Statement/void cheque or welcome letter from the bank no more than 3 months old 

3. Utility Bill at the trading address no more the 3 months old (energy, gas, water, landline bill or council tax)









How can I upload the required documents to complete the datman verification process?

Step 1: Tap the ‘click here’ button on the disclaimer banner available on the datman dashboard / homepage

Step 2: You can also tap on the extras icon (3 horizontal lines) from the pop up menu, and choose settings -> upload document






Step 3: Click the ‘upload’ button to upload the required documents

Step 4: Click on the ‘finish’ button once upload complete

Step 5: After submission, you will receive a pop up that confirms the submission has been accepted

What is a chargeback?

A chargeback is a transaction reversal meant to serve as a form of consumer protection from fraudulent activity committed by both merchants and individuals. 

Whenever a cardholder reports a payment as fraudulent, the bank automatically withdraws the money from the merchant's bank account. The merchant will need to provide sufficient evidence that the payment was in fact legitimate. 

If you have received a chargeback on your Datman account and wish to discuss this please get in contact with us at  info@datman.je

What does ‘market place listing’ mean?

Marketplace listing is a place for people to discover, buy and sell items. By listing on Marketplace, How can I add a service charge for my orders?

To setup a service charge, open My Takeaway App -> Tap the Extras icon (3 horizontal lines) -> Settings -> Store Settings -> Advanced options -> Service charge (Set service charge)

Will there be different versions of my takeaway app if I am on the essential plan & will there be a different version of my takeaway app if I am on the ultimate plan?

Yes, There would be different versions of the My Takeaway App where the features included on the respective plans would only be available

Can I make changes to my menu if I downgrade my services to essentials?

Yes, You can make changes using My Takeaway App or you can send your request via chat / email.  

Any changes over the phone require you to upgrade your services to the Ultimate package. 

What do I need to do if I am on the essential/ultimate package & decide to sell my business?

Please send us an email from your registered email id to updates@foodhub.com and inform us that you are selling your business with the name & contact details of the new owner.