How do I place an order?

How do I place an order?

To place an order Click on the following link 
Login to your account and enter your postcode and it will pull up all takeaways that deliver to your location.
Select your takeaway and start ordering.

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    • I did not place an order but I have got an order confirmation email.

      If you did not place an order but if you have received an email regarding order confirmation, please contact us on Live Chat. You can share the order number or screenshot of the email to resolve the issue.
    • I did not get an order confirmation email?

      If you have not received any email updates about your order confirmation, it is likely the emails were marked as spam. You may check your Order history for orders or click on Live Chat to contact our team with your name and email address used to ...
    • Payment processed but order not confirmed.

      There is a system in place that will automatically issue your refund for when the order gets stuck in between systems. This can happen due to internet connectivity issues or server latency problems. We recommend checking with the takeaway first and ...
    • Order was not delivered.

      If your order was not delivered, it may be due to the takeaway physically closing their premises for the day and not updating their website. Please drop us an email and we will look into it for you and arrange for a refund (if applicable). An order ...
    • My order was cancelled

      The takeaway always tries to fulfil your order. The takeaway may have cancelled your order in some instances such as item out stock, takeaway closed early, or driver unable to reach you. On cancellation you can choose to order from different ...